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Dubins' path is drawn (when asked) in blue, Forward-only Sub-optimal Continuous-curvature (FSC) path (when asked) in green, Dubins' turning circles (when asked) in orange and FSC path's turning circles (when asked) in yellow.

You can click to unfix/fix the end configuration. When unfixed, its position is set to follow mouse pointer, and its orientation can be changed using scrolling keys or mouse wheel (Java 1.4 plugin needed). Detailed applet commands are given lower.

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This applet works with Java 1.1 and later, as it uses swing package (once again, thanks to Bertrand Benoit and Laurent Jeanpierre for their Java translation of ISeeML). As a consequence, it does not work on Internet Explorer with MicroSoft Virtual Machine, which is only Java 1.0 compatible: you need a Sun Virtual Machine. Under MacOs X, this applet does not work correctly with IE, even with a Sun Virtual Machine! But you can use Safari, Netscape, Firefox, etc.

Detailed Applet Commands

Click: Fix/unfix end configuration; Mouse Motion: Change end configuration's position (when unfixed), according to mouse position;
Keyboard Arrows: Change end configuration's orientation (when unfixed), Home setting it to 0, End to Pi, PageUp adding Pi/4 (45°), PageDown substracting Pi/4, Up adding Pi/28 (6.4°), Down substracting Pi/28, Left adding Pi/196 (0.92°), Right substracting Pi/196; Mouse Wheel Motion (Java 1.4 plugin needed): Change end configuration's orientation, with a Pi/4 step when Shift is pressed, a Pi/196 step when Control is pressed and a Pi/28 step else;
T: Add/remove start and end configurations' turning circles (their intersection change paths type); [Java's feature: it does not work before end configuration has been unfixed once;] D, F, B: Draws Dubins' path only, FSC path only or both path.

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